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Dog Toothbrush

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1.Serrated teeth protruding points can better clean up stones and dirt in dogs' teeth. This product is suitable for small medium sized dogs (including fierce dogs).

2.Toys at both ends of built voice devices can better attract dogs improve dogs play interest.

3.Clean all teeth dirt and dental stones of pet dogs completely ensure healthy teeth per minute.

4.Apply pet toothpaste or bait outside your tooth channel to clean your pet dog teeth better.

5.Playing regularly with this toy can relieve anxiety and improve IQ of dogs. When they are home, they can prevent dogs from dismantling homes and truly realize dogs brush their teeth.


Product categories: chew toys 

Weight: 167 g 

Dimensions: 18*7.8*8cm  

Color: blue, yellow, green 

Applicable to: small medium sized dogs and large dogs

Package Included:

Dog tooth brush*1